Frequently Asked Questions


Ultra Arm

The Ultra Arm vehicle works exclusively with the Movi XL stabilised head supplied. The head comfortably holds camera packages up to 22kg and is suitable for tracking shots of up to 120mph.

The simple answer is no. The AutoRobot arm was designed and built in the then Soviet Union and introduced to the US market in 1996. The nickname ‘Russian arm’ was later trademarked by Filmotechnic. The term is commonly used to refer to any remote arm and although all of these arms share similarities, the Ultra Arm was released in 2019 and outperforms other products of its kind.

A one-hour pre-call is required when fitted on our Porsche Cayenne or Volkswagen V6 Amarok. When fitted on the Volkswagen GTI track car the Ultra Arm arrives in its trailer with its own support vehicle ready to work. Once on the ground it’s ready in the time it takes to fit the camera and cable it up.

17m length x 3.1m height. Another 9.2m of clearance is required behind the rig for unloading.